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Among our clients are the most important insurance companies, Insurance Brokers, Adjusters' firms, law firms and industrial groups.


Fire and Explosion Investigations

Machinery Breakdown and Product Liability
Civil Works and Construction Claims and Disputes
Occupational Accident Cause Investigations
Environmental Emergency Cause Investigations
Agri-food Incident Cause Investigations
IT and Cyber-risk

The investigation of the origin and the cause of a fire or explosion requires specific knowledge and experience. In Investigación de Siniestros, the team dedicated to carry out these analyses comprises multidisciplinary professionals with high technical training in the fields of engineering and chemical sciences.


Some of our services in this area of expertise are the following:

  • Determination of the origin and cause of fires and explosions in: Industrial Installations, Machinery, Means of Transportation, Buildings, Forestry Environments, etc.

  • Verification of the correct application of existing regulations:


    • Investigation of non-compliance with fire protection related regulations (RSCIEI, CTE, NFPA standards, etc).

    • Investigation of non-compliance with regulations relating to hazardous products.

    • Investigation of non-compliance with regulations relating to explosive atmosphere environments.

  • Identification of inadequate maintenance or modifications not complying with regulations of the equipment or installations involved in the origin of the fire or explosion.

  • Definition and monitoring of laboratory tests associated with the investigation.