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Among our clients are the most important insurance companies, Insurance Brokers, Adjusters' firms, law firms and industrial groups.

Investigation of Fires and Explosions
Machinery Breakdown and Product Liability
Claims and Disputes in Building, Construction and Civil Works
Root Cause Investigation in Labor Accidents

Root Cause Investigation in Environmental Emergencies

Root Cause Investigation in Food Industry Incidents
Cyber Risks and IT Research

An environmental emergency can pose a threat to public health and/or a negative impact on nature due to factors such as the release of contaminants to the environment. This type of emergency can have human causes (for instance, traffic accidents or incidents related to production processes) or come as a result of a natural disaster.


Our specialists, with experience in environmental audits and implementation of corporate environmental management systems, are trained to analyze and investigate the causes which have led to a particular emergency.


Some of our services in this area of expertise are the following:

  • Investigation of compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Investigation of compliance with ISO-14000 and appraisal of the environmental risk as per regulation UNE-150008.

  • Root cause investigation in environmental emergencies.

  • Evaluation of the specific maintenance applicable to environmental facilities.