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Among our clients are the most important insurance companies, Insurance Brokers, Adjusters' firms, law firms and industrial groups.

Investigation of Fires and Explosions
Machinery Breakdown and Product Liability
Claims and Disputes in Building, Construction and Civil Works
Root Cause Investigation in Labor Accidents
Root Cause Investigation in Environmental Emergencies

Root Cause Investigation in Food Industry Incidents

Cyber Risks and IT Research

The food industry is positioned to face the challenge of internationalization, thus having an even greater need to increase the quality, diversity and presentation of its products, incorporate technology to processes, invest in research and development, as well as advance in commercialization. In this scenario, any of the mentioned processes are liable to suffer unforeseen incidents.


The experts that make up our team have ample experience and a deep knowledge of the productive and technological processes of the food industry and are therefore the most suitable professionals to analyze the cause of losses occurring in this sector.


In this area we develop the following activities:

  • Process audits (analysis and verification).

  • Investigation of compliance with food and agriculture industry regulations.

  • Investigation of non-compliance with established processes and controls.

  • Root cause investigation in food and agriculture industry losses.