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Among our clients are the most important insurance companies, Insurance Brokers, Adjusters' firms, law firms and industrial groups.

Investigation of Fires and Explosions
Machinery Breakdown and Product Liability
Claims and Disputes in Building, Construction and Civil Works
Root Cause Investigation in Labor Accidents
Root Cause Investigation in Environmental Emergencies
Root Cause Investigation in Food Industry Incidents

Cyber Risks and IT Research


In today's dynamic global market, companies' needs are changing at an unprecedented rate. New technologies bring new risks as well as significant advances, and protecting the security of sensitive and confidential data and documents is increasingly crucial to companies' survival.


We have a team of specialists with the experience to guarantee successful results, whether they are analysing the root cause of an accident or acting as risk consultants on any aspect related to hardware, software, communications systems, the internet, cybersecurity or any other fields of IT.


Some of the specialist services we provide include:


Root Cause Analysis using forensic engineering methods to identify the significant circumstances and events constituting the root cause of the fault:

  • Specification
  • Design
  • Production
  • Implementation
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Attacks
  • Virus and Hacking
  • Malicious employees
  • Human error
  • Phishing


IT Risk Consultancy:

  • Assessment of systems' fault tolerance
  • Assessment of the soundness of the designs
  • Assessment of protective measures and possible vulnerability to potential attacks
  • Reassessment in the light of changed risk