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IS, Investigación de Siniestros, offers investigation of Cause and Risk Consultancy services.


IS provides its services in root cause investigation in the following areas of expertise:

  • Investigation of Fires and Explosions

  • Business Interruption and Machinery Breakdown

  • Claims and disputes in Building, Construction and Civil Works

  • Root Cause Investigation in Labor Accidents

  • Root Cause Investigation in Environmental Emergencies

  • Root Cause Investigation in Food Industry Incidents

Root cause investigation aims to identify the origin and reasons that have led to an incident or breakdown starting from visual inspection of the place where the loss or element object of investigation are located and the consequent writing of a report that summarizes the tasks carried out, providing the necessary technical documentation to back up the conclusions which are shown.


IS offers its services of Audit/Risk Specialized Consultancy in the following areas of expertise:

  • Technical Risks: This includes appraisal of the vulnerability of the facilities which may have its origin in program management, in process safety or in protection systems.

  • Occupational Hazards: This involves services in case of occupational accidents, professional diseases and accidents, as well as identification and appraisal of risks in labor safety and health.

  • Environmental Risks: This covers services in the event of environmental damage and services of identification and assessment of environmental risks.